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Single-layer Cardboard Box Gold Printing and Packaging has the largest production capacity in Turkey in this field. It produces single-layer cardboard boxes suitable for automatic filling machines, especially for tea, chocolate and pharmaceutical industries. Prints are provided on 7-color machines up to 110x160, with state-of-the-art machines whose color systems are fully integrated with digital readers. The cuts are sorted automatically, untouched by human hands, thanks to its technological equipment. Customers can increase the speed of automatic filling machines by up to 10% thanks to the single-layer boxes they buy from Gold Basım ve Ambalaj. Chocolate producer companies, on the other hand, can achieve a speed increase of nearly 25% with the support of Gold Basım ve Ambalaj's machinery when they fill it manually or automatically.

Gold Printing and Packaging also produces foil gilding, metallized boxes, and boxes with opp windows.

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